Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is Home

It's just over a year since we returned from Denmark. After a months of diligent research, it seemed the only things that changed while we were gone were the sudden appearance of Wal-Mart Marketplaces and the sprouting of RedBox.

Many of my European habits are fading away - I don't walk nearly as much, I don't feel quite as weird about driving everywhere, I've become accustom to living in a county that doesn't sell alcohol and I've slid easily back into the "hurry up" American culture. Though some habits die hard: I still prefer good beer over cheap beer, I light candles around the house and I really like drinking sparkling water even though it's an incredibly pretentious habit here.

This spring, instead of going to see the baby swans, we saw the wobbly legged colts chasing their mothers in wide green fields of bluegrass. We went to the zoo instead of Tivoli. And to the pool instead of the beach.

But this is home.

And now I have a new blog home over here. I hope you'll join me.