Monday, December 10, 2007

Christiania Christmas Market

John and I took a trip down to the Christiania Christmas Market this afternoon with a few friends from church. As 4-year-old Paul Michael put it, we were a group of "three ladies, two babies and one big boy." John and I accidentally visited Christiania one time before and this time I felt much less uncomfortable.

The market was great. There were a lot of beautiful crafts, handmade jewelry, hats and socks, and these gorgeous boiled wool dresses that I looked at longingly for a while. I ended up carrying John because strollers weren't allowed and I didn't have a sling with me, so I may go back at some point to get a closer look at a few things.

At the market I was stopped by a man who wanted to share with me how I did not have the proper posture for a pregnant woman, and proceeded to describe how I should bend my knees and position my hips to provide the most effective blood flow to my "womb." Sometimes there is nothing to do besides smile, say thank you and keep your knees bent.

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