Tuesday, April 29, 2008


About a week ago we taught John how to say "please" when he wants something. He'll request something and then one of us will prompt in a smiley, sing-song voice, "What do you say???" and he'll respond with, "peethz!"

The please concept is still a little lost on him. A few days after our "please" breakthrough I was fussing at him for not doing what I told him to do.

"You may not do that, John! What did Mama say?"



Robyn said...

Oh he gets the "peethz" concept... as evidenced by the Great Milk Incident, April 2008.

Anonymous said...

what is the great milk incident?!!?

Rebekah said...

Robyn was babysitting and John wanted a cup of milk (when he wasn't supposed to have it yet). He screamed and through a major tantrum, then stopped in the middle of it and said "PEETHZ!"

Robyn said...

The "incident" was so cute I almost gave in... but I had to remain strong... babysitter rules demand it!