Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Well, in Denmark..."

One thing I've noticed about people who live abroad is their tendency to compare everything back to their time overseas. I have the feeling that I could be particularly obnoxious about this so I'm going to try to get it out of my system now.

Well, in Denmark gas is about $9.00 per gallon. In Denmark you pay a car tax that is 110 percent of the value of the car. They had great public transportation in Copenhagen. In Copenhagen you didn't feel like you were taking your life in your hands each time to decided to bike in traffic because there are dedicated bike lanes.

In Denmark we fit four people into a 527 square foot, one-bedroom apartment and it wasn't so bad. In Denmark we didn't have a big refrigerator, an oven, a dishwasher, or a dryer but it was doable for 10 months (though I will be happier than a 1950s housewife to have those things again).

In Denmark we had about five bakeries within a three block radius and would buy the most delicious breads and danishes.

In Denmark the sun would go down at 3:30pm in the winter and 10:30pm in the summer. Just before we left Michael would wear my black out eye goggles that I bought for the plane, and each night I would make some crack about them ("To the batcave, Batman!").

In Denmark they have universal health care and I had really great experiences with their maternity care system.

In Denmark they don't have a word in Danish that translates "please."

In Denmark beer costs less than bottled water and Coke.


Joel said...

In Denmark, you have many friends who will miss you.

Great post!

Bluefish said...

In Denmark, you can buy alcohol at the age of 16 and drink in public.

In Denmark, you eat potatos every day:p