Sunday, September 9, 2007


It struck me at some point this week that John has suddenly left babyland behind and is acting more and more like a full fledged toddler. Michael recently introduced him to our iPod and every day when Michael comes home from work, John will reach out for his iPod and will then spend 5-10 minutes listening to music. He'll hold an earbud to one ear and start bobbing along. The only baby-like thing about the whole production is he'll usually try to stick the earbud in his mouth at some point.

The YouTube video is here.


Rosalie said...

Chelsea thinks you should give him piano or drum lessons soon since he likes music so much. he could be the next mozart or something. i think he's going to be brilliant at everything he does, but i'm a little biased. =)

Rebekah said...

I'm planning to make some cha-cha rattles for him out of toilet paper tubes. And he sort of has a drum when I turn a pot upside-down for him.

I think you should come visit and teach John French. ;)