Monday, September 3, 2007

Library Time

One of our favorite "date nights" back in the States was to go to a bookstore and read for a couple of hours. Not exactly the kind of thing normal romance is made of but we enjoyed it. It was food for conversation. Here they have bookstores of course, but they primarily carry books in Danish (I know, surprise). Now that I'm in possession of my Danish CPR card, also known as the Magic Card that, like it's American counterpart the social security number, is the ticket to everything Danish; a bank account, access to the free healthcare system, and a library card.

A very kind Danish woman set up my account and took the time to show me how to check books in and out (which you do yourself), and directed me to the small selection of "Books in English" and "Books in American."

The pickin's are slim.

I came home with Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, another classic I'd never read and a board book partly for John but mostly for myself. I need to expand my Danish vocabulary. I'm hoping to find the Danish children's book that tells you all the names of the food in hopes it will make grocery shopping easier.

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