Monday, February 25, 2008

Brotherly Love

This may be a bit premature but a number of people have asked how John is adjusting to having a new brother, especially given my trepidation leading up to James’ birth. With a little over two weeks of Big Brotherhood under his belt I’m happy to report that John seems to be adjusting really well and doesn’t seem to be acting out toward Michael or I either. No poop smearing yet.

First thing in the morning, John demands to know where "bebe" is and wants to kiss and hold him. When I put James on his stomach for "tummy time" I'll prop up one of the Black on Whiteor White on Blackbooks in front of him to look at (a simple girl's Baby Einstein). John has started copying me by propping up more of his own books in front of James. And this morning I woke up to John pushing James around in his imaginary race car.

For people that really love us, here is the super-long YouTube video of John and James meeting for the first time.


Anonymous said...

Best parts of the video
1. John trying to gouge out James' eyes
2. Michael having a 2min 15 second conversation on the phone

--Rose P.

Judit said...

OMG the push the baby in a box video is too cute!!! Good for you for letting John use James as a toy (within limits I'm sure). They'll be such good little buddies. My big boy LLLLOVES his baby sis and it's the warmest fuzziest thing in the world to see :)