Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lost in Translation

James had his first home health nurse visit this morning. (I love, love, love that they come to your home to do this). I'm a little too tired to give you the nitty gritty details of his amazing growth but this story was worth sacrificing 15 precious minutes of sleep for:

I mentioned to the nurse that I was concerned about the content of James' poops (these are among the things that consume way to much of Michael's and my nighttime pillow talk since becoming parents).

Nurse: Poop. I don't know that word.
Me: You know. Bowel movement. Stool. Not pee, but the other thing.
Nurse: Oh, you mean making shit!

Yes. Precisely.


Anonymous said...

-rosalie =)

Judit said...

That's hilarious!!! :D
Long live the Danes!
I'm sending the link to your blog to a dear friend, she's from Denmark, living in the States, with three kids. Always brags about how much better health and social services are there. No kidding.

the writer said...

at lave lort = to make shit, well ...that's how the Danes call that particular activity :)