Monday, March 24, 2008

Hello Pipe Dream

From Clinton-Obama, Obama-Clinton: How they could run together and take turns being president.

I think it's telling that this article is entirely a discussion of legality while nothing is devoted to how two great egos would have to bend to make this happen, let alone make it happen and somehow not be a complete train wreck.


Judit said...

Wow! What a fascinating thought experiment--absolutely worthy of a great constitutional scholar. It's so creative that there probably exists a law of physics just to make its realization impossible :)
I work across the street from where Akhil Amar is. I feel like waving to him in the street next time (a total stranger) to shout "Cool idea!!"

Unfortunately though, I have grown so resentful of one of the two candidates --doesn't much matter which as I'm sure there are plenty of people with similar feelings in the opposing camp--that I would find a joint ticket distasteful and ultimately disappointing. Does it look as bad from Denmark as it does here?

Rebekah said...

Well, we are avoiding a lot of the more negative aspects of it - like the television commercials, etc. And we are able to be self-selective about the news media we choose to consume so we're probably not as burnt out as some Americans with all the political news.

That said, the whole Hilary hanging on is getting a little ridiculous. People are going to start calling her Mike Huckabee soon if they aren't already.