Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snow!? Wait! Don't Blink!

This morning presented a beautiful blue sky and bright sun here in Copenhagen. It was mid-40s and John, James and I took a long walk to the grocery and through one of the lovely graveyards close to our house. We came in for lunch around 11:00 and about 30 minutes later I noticed it had gotten cloudy. It was snowing!

The unknowing might think, "Hey, you live way up north. It must snow, like, every day there." But this is only the third time I've seen snow this winter. Copenhagen winter is more about the rain, wind and the never ending gray and darkness. I've come to believe that the whole reason Danes party so hard and for so long at Christmas is to get through the dark, dark winter season. Because the dark seems almost nice when you string it full of twinkle lights.

And in the length of time it took to read the paragraph above, the snow cloud blew past and the sun came out again.

"In like a lion"... pfth! Uh-huh.

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