Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Charlottenlund Beach

Somewhere along the way I remember reading a statistic about how much of Denmark is coastal. It was some significant amount - we'll say 60 percent. We currently live less than two miles away from a beach. The thing is I keep forgetting it's there. I'm an inland girl. I was 21 the first time I laid eyes on an ocean. I grew up water skiing on lakes and rivers instead. My parents were never beach people. Or camping people. For that matter they were barely even vacation people other than the trips we'd make to DC which were more about the educational experience than for the purpose of relaxing. When we first got to Copenhagen we took John out to our local beach and then it got cold and dark three days later and we never went back.

We've been having absolutely fantastic weather here in Copenhagen for the past two weeks. Sunny, mid-70s and everything is in bloom. This is largely why you haven't heard much from me this week as we've been trying to live as much as possible outside soaking in the sunshine after the long, dark winter. We finally made it out to a beach again this past weekend with our friends Robyn and Joel. This time we went up to the Charlottenlund Beach north of us. Being a freckle face, just the word "beach" makes me sunburn so I wasn't expecting to do much other than spend the majority of the trip slathering SPF 85 on my kiddies and myself. But the Charlottenlund Beach was primarily grassy park with a number of large shade trees and a beach at the end of it. On one end was the earthen remands of the Charlottenlund Fort and across the street was a lovely Danish cafe. And the grounds of the Charlottenlund Slot to walk through on your way to and from the train station. Lovely. Picturesque. This is a beach my lily white skin and general dislike of sand can get behind.

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