Sunday, May 18, 2008

Probably the Best Beer in Town

As I'm sure you've gathered from the subject of this past week’s Photo Friday, I finally made it out to the Carlsberg Brewery for their tour. Michael isn’t a fan of beer so he volunteered to stay back with the boys while Joel and Robyn, Adam, Joel’s father and I made the trip out to the brewery. The tour is only 50 kr (about $10) and includes a visit to the Guinness Book of World Records largest collection of beer bottles, a history of Carlsberg beer gallery, a walk through the Carlsberg Brewery stables and a two glass sample of various Carlsberg beers. We had to rush a bit through the tour so we could make it to the end before the bar closed at 4:00p, but not before we learned how beer is a part of a well-rounded Danish breakfast, how back in the day Carlsberg workers were given a four liter daily allowance of beer, and Abraham Lincoln quotes can be found everywhere – including Denmark.

Incidentally, Carlsberg beer’s slogan is "Probably the Best Beer in Town" (mentioned forever ago here.) Which to someone with a marketing background sounded like the worst slogan ever. Probably the best beer? I finally figured out that this was more of a tongue-in-cheek jab at Danish culture that really looks down on any one who claims to be better than anyone else. In Danish culture you strive to be normal and non-unique as possible. It explains a lot; the standardized names for children and the modest marketing slogans.

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