Monday, August 27, 2007


Our phantom Internet connection has mysteriously returned so here are a few snapshots of our past few days:

  • John and I walked to a massive field about a mile from our apartment last week. It had rained earlier that morning and the slugs were out in full force. I'm not one of those people that gets freaked out by snakes, wasps, bees, spiders but slugs… slugs give me the willies. They’re so fat and slimy and, well, just grody to resurrect a word from second grade. But I felt I shouldn’t pass along my own issues with the grody slugs to my son so I found one that was moving and called John’s attention to it. He was fascinated. He walked all around it and squealed and reached down to touch the slimy, oozing, fat, living embodiment of snot and I decided discovery time was over for the day. I ended up having to pick him up and carry him a couple of paces away and even then he walked in circles trying to find the slug. I hope I didn’t kill the budding scientist within him.
  • I was checking out Google Maps last week trying to get a sense of where we live when I noticed that we were within 1.5 miles of a beach! An honest to goodness beach! Last Wednesday was particularly warm so I talked Michael into taking a walk out to the beach in the late afternoon. We could see the coast of Sweden as well as the bridge between Denmark and Sweden. Perhaps most fun was watching John trying to figure out the whole beach thing. [YouTube video here
  • Thursday and Friday Michael and I both had Fulbright orientation that included lectures on Danish history, culture and tradition that I found fascinating.  I finally understood the reasoning behind the most bizarre marketing slogan I’d ever heard (Carlsberg – “Probably the Best Beer in Town”) which I’ll explain at a later date. We also got to go on a canal tour and had a traditional Danish meal at one of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen. I tried pickled herring for the first time and it was delicious. Who would have guessed that raw pickled fish would be so tasty? Pickled herring – not grody at all.

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LMGM said...

One of my absolute least favorite thing about Virginia was all the slugs crawling between TE and the dining hall. Just... ewwww.