Sunday, August 19, 2007

the shower THE shower

It's a shower too!
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I’ve had a couple of friends and my sister Rachel ask about our shower situation here in Copenhagen. I should explain that when we were in Copenhagen short term last fall, we stayed in an apartment without a shower in the apartment. To bathe, we had to walk down four flights of stairs, through a courtyard and to the apartment public showers. This wasn’t a big deal largely because it was still warm enough even at the end of September that we wouldn’t get too cold on the walk. And we were only there for a couple of weeks and you can survive most things if you know you’ll be returning to your by comparison huge American shower in a few weeks. That being said, this time we were determined to find an apartment that had a shower in the apartment (and also one that required less stair climbing!)

We rented our Danish apartment having only seen pictures of the place and were told there was a shower in the bathroom. We weren’t exactly sure how this shower would work because, as you can see above from the picture our landlord sent us, it wasn’t exactly obvious where the shower was.

I made a beeline for the bathroom when we arrived on Wednesday and we do have a shower! This is how it works. You pull the shower curtain closed between the toilet and the sink. Then you pull the shower curtain between the sink and the door. Turn on the water over the sink and pull up on what you think should be the drain plug and – tada! – the shower head hanging on the right above the mirror comes on. It’s actually pretty cool. My only fear is when I’m nine months pregnant I won’t be able to turn around in a complete circle – not much space between the wall and the sink. But it sure beats walking wet and dripping through a courtyard.

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That's just like it is in Korea too.