Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Books and Beer

Our Internet service won't be installed until next week and the wireless we were "borrowing" from an obliging neighbor hasn't been available as often of late so we've taken to walking to the closest library to check email and take care of our other Internet-related needs.

There are many libraries sprinkled throughout the city and they are all lovely, cozy places with big windows and play areas for children. Our library also sports a café where, I discovered, they have the two local beers on tap. Just to make this clear, this café isn't near the library, it is in the library. I'm sure this is so normal that it's less than noteworthy to any proper European, but I find it a little hilarious that you can check out Crime and Punishment and immediately start reading while nursing a beer. Maybe it's the only way to really enjoy Dostoevsky...?


Phil P. said...

wow, we need that at uk. i'd get thru my exam lists so much faster!

LMGM said...

You could ask Tim, he got through Dostoevsky without the beer ;-)