Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good Housekeeping

We’re having friends over for dinner tonight so I’ve been spending spare moments cleaning today. Two uniquely Danish things about keeping house here: first I noticed that our neighbors will hang their down comforters out their windows to air fairly regularly. From what I gather it’s to keep them fresh and the down fluffed. We had a down comforter at home that I never did this with but when in Rome... so most Fridays I’ll hang our two “big people” comforters and John’s little comforter out our bedroom windows for a few hours or until the bedroom gets too cold.

Shortly after we arrived I made my first pot of coffee in our coffee maker and was perplexed by all this white grainy stuff floating around in the water. I couldn’t make the stuff go away and finally asked another expat friend what was up. Apparently the water here contains a lot of calcium and you have to “de-kalk” anything that comes in contact with water every few weeks. I de-kalked my coffee pot and hot water heater about a month ago and they are still looking good, and today I finally de-kalked our bathroom mirror and sink. With all this calcium in the drinking water, it makes me wonder if women suffer less from osteoporosis around here.

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