Saturday, October 13, 2007

You've Got Mail

Perhaps it's just because I've not had the most prompt experiences when my Stateside doctors would tell me they were sending my paperwork anywhere that I was so surprised when I came back from a library/grocery excursion this morning to find a letter from my hospital where I'll be birthing Number Two. When G.P. said she'd be sending my paperwork over to the hospital, I thought it would be at least a week or two before I heard anything from the hospital - especially since next week is the annual "Potato Holiday" where Danes celebrate the days where they used to take a week to bring in the potato harvest.

The letter tells me that I'll be giving birth at Hvidovre Hospital and that I'll receive a letter shortly with my first appointment with my midwife. It also requests that I call and set up an appointment for an ultrasound. Apparently they typically do two ultrasounds here; the first around 11-14 weeks to measure the neck fold to diagnose Downs Syndrome and another around 20 weeks.

I've been told that Hvidovre is one of the best maternity hospitals in Denmark and I was hoping that I would be placed there. I found an interesting description of Hvidovre from a midwifery student who was observing at the hospital for a few weeks a couple of years ago. Hvidovre also has what looks to be a fairly informative website but, unfortunately for me, it's all in Danish.

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