Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ultrasound I

I had my first Danish ultrasound this morning at the hospital where I'll be delivering Number Two. The hospital is set up like a airport terminal with obstetrics in Wing 4. I didn't have any trouble figuring out where to go which is abnormal for me since I'm basically illiterate. I arrived about 30 minutes before my appointment time because I was taking the bus and wanted to give myself extra time for getting lost. I only had to wait about 10 minutes before I was called back for the ultrasound. I must say the Danes are very prompt if not ahead of schedule when it comes to medical appointments.

My ultrasound tech was a sweet Danish lady around 50. She seemed a little uncertain of her English though I rarely had trouble understanding her. I always feel a little badly about putting people in these situations as my Danish vocabulary is limited to Yes, No, Good, Hello, Goodbye, Thank You, Thank You Very Much, You're Welcome and, as I said one day to a Danish man at a cemetery, I Am The Little Danish Language (I was going for I Know Very Little Danish).

I received the guided tour of my uterus and am happy to report that we have one very healthy baby with a "beautiful spine." Also, lucky me, a very large head. The ultrasound technician debriefed me on the ultrasound report after spending some time clarifying how my US OB/GYN came up with my current due date: February 7. She finally came back and said that the baby's femur was measuring right on target, the head larger and the body smaller. They believe the due date is probably right but want me to come back in two weeks for another ultrasound to see if the rest of the baby's body catches up with the head. I'm pretty sure it won't if this baby is anything like his brother.

Finally I can tell you that we are having... an International Baby of Mystery. Little 009 has his/her legs situated in such a way that the ultrasound tech couldn't even get near the baby's tail. I watched her spend about 5 minutes trying to go at it from every angle and she finally gave up. The good news out there for those of you that have money riding on this is we get another shot in two weeks and hopefully Space Monkey will be feeling a little less mysterious.

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