Monday, November 12, 2007

First Snow

We woke up to Copenhagen's first snow of the season. It was merely a thin, icy layer of white but it dressed up the city for the few hours it remained. John and I took an early morning walk through our local kierkgård (church yard) and snapped a few pictures. It really was lovely. Something about snow makes things seem quieter and more at peace.

Mondays always include a lot of housework and cooking though I tried a different approach today on the cooking end of things. John is always very curious about what I'm doing when I spend hours standing at the kitchen counter messing around with various gooey, infinitely interesting instruments so today I tried letting him stand in a chair next to me while I made tuna salad, curried tomato soup, cream of potato soup, cheddar garlic biscuits and pumpkin oatmeal cookies (with many thanks to my Stateside friend Nikki for the canned pumpkin!) He helped stir things, put the jangling measuring spoons into the measuring cup, and got to experience the best part of cooking - licking the beaters.

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