Friday, November 16, 2007

Photo Friday

Friday Afternoon Grocery Trip, originally uploaded by TilleyShots.


Phil P. said...

WOW! He has grown up a lot since you guys left! Rose and I are sad to see him grow so fast. He looks more like a kid than a baby!

But, congratulations on managing to find a bag of cereal that is still bigger than him. (Is this your way of preserving his youth--surround him with large things so he looks smaller?)

Rachel said...

I love photo friday. Who's the cutest toddler in Denmark? By the way, we got our first snow last night. I was rather excited and we turned on the Christmas music in the office. I had to pretend to be upset, since it's not Thanksgiving yet. Lucky you don't have that problem.

Rebekah said...

Phil - John really has grown so much. I wish we could show you guys all his new "tricks" like how he puts everything from blocks, grocery receipts and his dinner on his head and laughs when it falls off. He does look a bit smaller next to that bag of cereal. :)

Rachel - You can totally embrace the Christmas spirit and its music after Thursday. :)