Saturday, November 3, 2007

I am Jack's IKEA Nesting Instinct

I lost my IKEA virginity today. It was probably inevitable given that IKEA seems a lot like the Danish version of Target. I met a friend this afternoon to check out a Christmas bazaar put on by a local American women's group only to discover we had the weekends mixed up. She mentioned that we were only a train stop and a short bus ride from IKEA so off we went.

Ever since I saw Fight Club with the great scene where they pan across the room as it becomes the living IKEA catalog I've always felt a little weird about IKEA. Of course I've never lived closer than five hours from an IKEA store in my life so it wasn't so much that I was avoiding IKEA than I never made a special trip to Chicago to go to IKEA. Now that I've visited the supposed monument to kitsch consumerism, I can honestly say that my current Danish living room could easily be in that Fight Club IKEA catalog scene. Seriously. Everything down to the really cool lamp in the living room and the three not-so-cool hot pink flower light sconces in the bedroom.

I did more than browse at IKEA. I bought four glasses that are large enough that I can stop drinking out of a measuring cup. And I also bought this sugar/creamer set because it seems you can't be a good hostess here in Denmark without it. (And I love it. Just a little bit.)

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