Monday, November 26, 2007

une fois babe um yeah

I love clothes. One of the things I miss about working was the excuse to buy nice clothes. Especially now that Ann Taylor LOFT finally came out with a maternity line. And while this is the land of H&M and all great European fashion, I'm in the shape shifting phase of my reproductive existence which really makes it hard to justify spending an incredible amount of money for something I most likely won't be able to wear very long.

But somehow that logic doesn't apply to kids clothing. This weekend I had a few extra minutes following a midwife visit to stop by our local children's consignment store. I went in to price a used winter "snow bunny suit" and a carrycot for the Danish prince and walked out with this little ducky number. What is it about French words on kids clothes that makes it such that I just can't walk away? The previous weekend I bought a one-piece pajama suit for John that also had French wording elegantly gracing the front.

I wonder what this actually says... Who knew someone so sweet... could smell so bad.


Anonymous said...

it says "he was once barley sugar." whatever that means... i think barley sugar is some kind of sweet in france; they always talk about how good it is in what i've read. -Rosalie

Anonymous said...

haha, j/k. sucre d'orge is the name of a childrens clothing line. the shirt just says "he once was"

Anonymous said...

Anne Taylor Loft has Maternity now? I DEFINITELY need to get pregnant now:) Actually after the weekend with the Postma nephews adn neices I don't know about that :)


Bluefish said...

It means 'once upon a time sugar barley'.