Tuesday, January 22, 2008

La Glace

My fellow American expat friend Robyn treated me to an outing at La Glace - a famous Danish confectionary shop just off the main walking street in Copenhagen. I had a delicious piece of "Karen Blixen cake" - coffee mousse, mocha truffle with roasted hazelnuts, and a chocolate bottom - with the most amazing hot chocolate. You can see the hot chocolate in the picture with the fresh whipped cream on the side.

It was like heaven.


nikki said...

oh man. chocolate + hazelnut = one of my favorite flavor combinations. yum!

Robyn said...

Hey... I want to see the picture of *YOU* enjoying your cake! It was a great afternoon! Thanks!

Rebekah said...

I'm right here, Robyn. Every swollen bit of me! ;)

Thanks again!

the writer said...

I love La Glace, but don't love the price :( It's quite expensive but I love how the waitress dress in traditional maid dresses

Oh btw: sorry for being rude by commenting first without saying nice to meet you :)