Monday, January 21, 2008

Uterus Yoga

Paul Michael (age 5): Why is your stomach so big?
Me: There is a baby inside of it.
Paul Michael: Must be crowded in there.

Yes, yes it is.

For the past few nights, as soon as my weary head hits the pillow, my child has started doing what I can only describe as uterus yoga. His favorite move seems to be downward facing dog with his feet firmly planted in my diaphragm and his little bum pushing out uncomfortably against my belly. This has produced repeated nights of absolutely fantastic heartburn.

Here in Denmark they have a very limited amount of over-the-counter medication. But after Night 5 of sitting up to sleep it was time to find the Danish equivalent of Tums. So off I go to the apotek (pharmacy), punch a button for a number, and wait for my turn. I thought for sure I'd have to go to my GP to get a prescription, but the pharmacist asked a couple of detailed questions about my symptoms and fixed me up with a box of antacid tablets from behind the counter.

I wanted to hug her.

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