Tuesday, January 15, 2008


When I was small, I had a blue "blankie" which, by the end of it's life, had lost all the fuzzy middle and was reduced to knots of blue satin. Before John was born I wondered which of the 178 stuffed animals and soft blankets he would ultimately become attached. I was secretly hoping that he'd latch on to the adorable Ugly DollI bought for him shortly after we found out about the pregnancy. That green monster has been his constant travel companion for the last 17 months, he's in his crib right now, and other than occasionally using him as a convenient pillow John's never said boo to him.

That pretty much sums up John's attitude toward all potential "blankies," "binkies," and "softies." My son the Lone Toddler. In need of no pacifiers. No stuffed animals. No blankets or other objects of comfort.

But now there is "Tuck-Tuck." The mini-down comforter I purchased back in October when I was concerned about John getting cold at night. The Danes know how to handle the cold weather and the baby down comforter is part of the ensemble for any proper Danish child. John's is like any other - the down comforter covered by it's mini damask stripe duvet that I found on sale. At bedtime we started getting John to lie down for prayers by tucking him in. We'd take the comforter and say, "Tuck tuck tuck tuck..." and "Tuck-Tuck" was born.

Now he'll randomly run to his room looking for "Tuck-Tuck!" and the other day when I hung Tuck-Tuck out the window to air, he got very upset and started crying. The Lone Toddler found his Silver.

Apparently the problem was we hadn't bought John the high-end stuff.

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